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birth control,
so what?

Contraception is often only thought of as protection against pregnancy. 

But there are many other things contraception can be, and there are plenty of benefits you may not be aware of.

Birth control can:

give you control of your body

Give you the power to decide when, and if, you want to have children/start a family. 

Empower you to have sex without worrying about pregnancy.

Have other health benefits which include:

  • Reduction of period blood loss and pain

  • Protection against gynaecological cancers

Image by Lucrezia Carnelos
Image by Te Pania 🦋

help the environment

Have a positive effect on climate change by reducing world population growth and greenhouse gas emissions. 


"By limiting the world population growth, via the use of contraception, we can potentially reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an impressive 40%!"*

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