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what is sex?

let us explain

Sex is commonly thought of in the penetrative sense only - intercourse between a penis owner and a vagina owner, or between two vagina or penis owners, or any number of these!

However, sex goes beyond intercourse.


Sex is an umbrella term for much, much more.

Sexual touching, caressing, fingering, licking, oral sex, using sex toys, using words to arouse a partner, wearing particular clothing to feel aroused, self-love through sexual touch, exploring sexual fantasies and fetishes, and exploring intimacy through emotional connection are all examples of activities that come under the umbrella term of sex.

Image by Mia Harvey

it all starts with consent

Consent is giving permission for something to happen, or agreeing to do something. 

Consent is a must with sex.


You and your partner/s must give permission for something sexual to happen or agree to have sex. Check out the video to learn more about consent when initiating sex!

With this in mind, an exciting adventure awaits us all when we engage in sex

Before we really get stuck into how awesome sexual experiences can be, we need to acknowledge that it seems to be a "taboo" subject, and isn't talked about.

This can therefore be a confronting or embarrassing discussion for some.

We want you to know that Luna Health is a safe zone of exploration and education.

Image by Deon Black
Image by Taras Chernus

Through our community here at Luna Health, we have the power to shape New Zealand women's relationship with sex and sexual experiences and break down the stigma and shame that exist.

So, jump in with us! Explore yourself and your sexuality.


It is not something to be ignored, or embarrassed about, but is something to be celebrated!

Image by Womanizer Toys

Ask yourself

Should we try something new, explore our bodies or sexual thoughts in a different way?

What to explore?

How do I want to feel? 

What do I feel like tonight?    

Is it time to 'spice things up'?

 What pleasure can I offer?   

How can I honor myself and my partner/s in our next sexual session?       

What does my vulva/penis need? 

 Which parts of me do I want to play with?   

Ask luna anything

There are no silly questions, we promise!

Ask away

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