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know your body, love yourself

sexual health is part of your wellbeing

We all try to make good, healthy choices about our wellbeing at some point or another. We love ourselves through being physically active, eating well, getting outside in nature, or simply pouring a cup of tea or running a bath to relax in. 

Well, your sexual health is a part of your wellbeing too!


For too long the topic of masturbation (touching yourself) has been taboo amongst us who identify as women; labelled as shameful, embarrassing, dirty, unchaste or simply not-a-thing.


Here at Luna Health we believe that it's high time to change that narrative!

There is absolutely no shame in learning about your own body.


How can we expect other people to:

  • Make us feel a certain way if we haven't explored it ourselves first?

  • Give us pleasure us if don't know how we like to be touched?

  • Love our body if we don't love ourselves?

Luna Health is here to reduce the stigma around loving yourself (masturbation). We want to help you to feel empowered in learning about, and being comfortable in your own skin.

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Let's get started

so, what is masturbation?

Simply put, masturbation means touching your genitals for pleasure.

'Playing with yourself', 'wanking' and 'self love' are all different words for masturbating. There are lots out there!

It is not wrong to touch yourself.

It is natural, educational and empowering!

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what masturbation can be is up to you!

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Masturbation can be mindful. It can be playful. 

It doesn't have to be a hidden, hurried, quick, shameful experience.

It doesn't have to be a long, candle-lit masturbation marathon either!

All you need to do is honor yourself - be open to new sensations, turn down the pressure of an orgasm and turn up the positive affirmations about your body!

Whatever feels good for you, whatever you make time for. You do you!

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Have you heard of vulva mapping?

The vulva is everything on the outside (including the labia/lips/flaps). The vagina is everything on the inside.


Every vulva is unique! The purpose of vulva mapping is to figure out what types of touch and where these feel good for YOU


Vulva mapping is an excellent way to explore your body, focusing on feeling and without the pressure of orgasm.

One way you can do it:

  1. In a safe, private place (like your bedroom with the door closed) undress, lie down on your back, breathe deeply and relax. You can put some music on to help set the mood if you want! When you're ready, put the soles of your feet together so your knees are splayed outwards in a kind of diamond shape.

  2.  Close your eyes and trail your fingers down from your neck to your vulva.  Once you get there, start touching, stroking and caressing your unique vulva. Really notice what feels good. Add pressure or movement whenever you want to. Once you've mapped your vulva, feel free to map your vagina too!

Or you could try:

  1. Running yourself a bath! Really set the scene to self-love and relaxation with candles, music, and a few drops of your favourite essential oils - if you're into that!

  2. Continue with Step 2.

Or even...

  1. Take a shower and rest one leg up on a shelf or comfortably against the wall!

  2. Continue with Step 2.


Be mindful, be free, be loving.

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