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What are internal condoms?

Internal condoms are a thin barrier that is placed in the vagina before to penetrative intercourse. They catch sperm and are made of polyurethane (similar to the material of medical gloves). They are twice as strong as the latex in condoms.

Internal condoms are protective against pregnancy; the risk of pregnancy is 21 per 100 women with typical use, but can be as good as 5 per 100 women if used perfectly.


does this mean?

Doctors discuss the

effectiveness of contraception

by "perfect" and "typical" use.

This is because some methods are affected by human error: 

Perfect use:

The method is used perfectly

(no human error)

   Typical use:

Accounts for human

error (e.g. putting the condom 

in too late


How good?

OK at preventing pregnancy - need perfect use for the best results!

How easy?

Insert every time you have intercourse

Side effects?

None. Some users report reduced sexual sensations. 

How hard to get?

Buy online!

How much?

Somewhat expenny: $3-4 per condom!

Internal condoms

How do they work?

Internal condoms work as a barrier that catches sperm on ejaculation, stopping the sperm and egg from meeting.

They also protect against STIs. 

Image by Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition

how long does it last?

  • One time use (like regular condoms)

why would it suit me? 

Internal condoms can be particularly helpful if:

  • You don't want to use hormones

  • You want protection against STIs

  • You want to be in control of the internal condom, instead of your partner being in control of the regular condom!


  • Protects against STIs

  • No hormones

  • You are in control!

  • Easy to use


  • Need to remember to use every time 

  • Cost 

  • Can only buy online

  • May have some reduced sexual sensation

what next?

Have a look at some websites for internal condoms if you think they might be for you:

In the future...
Luna health hope to provide a birth control service that assesses eligibility for each birth control method.

This will save you time and money
meaning you only need to physically see a doctor once

Share your experience

help others decide what is best for them 

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