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What is Jadelle?

Jadelle is an implant that looks like two small plastic rods that sit in your upper arm. 

These rods slowly release a hormone (levonorgestrel) throughout your body over 5 years. This hormone stops you from getting pregnant in multiple ways: by thickening cervical mucus, stopping an embryo from implanting and, in some women, by stopping ovulation. 


The jadelle is a great form of birth control because it is: very effective, long-lasting, and easily reversible - if you decide you want a pregnancy just get it removed!

The risk of pregnancy is less than 1 per 100 women with typical and perfect use.


does this mean?

Doctors discuss the

effectiveness of contraception

by "perfect" and "typical" use.

This is because some methods are affected by human error: 

Perfect use:

The method is used perfectly

(no human error)

   Typical use:

Accounts for human

error (e.g. forgetting

a pill) 


How good? 

One of the best methods of birth control 

>99% effective at preventing pregnancy with typical and perfect use 

How easy? 

"Fit and forget" - insert the device, then you don't need to think about it for years!

Side effects? 

Irregular bleeding

How hard to get? 

Appointment with your GP or Family Planning 

How much?

Prescription cost ($5)  + insertion ($50 at Family Planning; higher with GP)

That's $1 per year​ for birth control (+ insertion)


How does it work?

The implant (jadelle) releases a hormone that has multiple effects to stop pregnancies.


They can work threefold:

  • Thin the lining of the womb (so the embryo can't implant)

  • Thicken cervical mucus (so sperm can't get into the womb)

  • Stop ovulation in some women


how long does it last?

  • 5 years

why would it suit me? 

The implant can be particularly helpful if:

  • You want something long-lasting

  • You have heavy or painful periods

  • You forget to take pills/use condoms 

  • Post-partum and wanting long term cover straight away


  • Fit and forget 

  • Lasts 5 years

  • Easy to use 

  • Hidden (you will know it is there, but partners are none-the-wiser)

  • Suitable after having a baby (post-partum) and while breastfeeding


  • At the time of insertion

    • Pain, infection, bleeding/bruising

  • Spotting/irregular bleeding (there are things we can do for this)

  • Loss of a rod (unable to feel on a routine check) - just needs a scan to find it 

  • Can have difficult extraction (as scar tissue builds up around the rods over the 5 years) - most are uncomplicated. 

  • Migration of rod (rare)

what next?

You will need to book an appointment with your GP or Family Planning to ensure Jadelle is the correct birth control method for you.


Once confirmed, you can proceed to have the Jadelle inserted by a trained professional.  

In the future...
luna health hope to provide a birth control service that assesses eligibility for each birth control method.

This will save you time and money

Share your experience

help others decide what is best for them 

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Image by Ashkan Forouzani

Anon, 28

I got the Jadelle as an 18-year-old as I liked the idea of "fit-and-forget". After it was put in I became extremely anxious and had it taken out within a week (much to Family Planning's disapproval).

At the time I blamed the Jadelle, but now I look back it was probably all the other things going on in my life that caused the changes in my mood e.g. starting university, starting a new job etc. I still think it's an awesome form of contraception, just not for me. 

Avatar 111

Ti, 32

In my late 20's I went travelling for an extended period of time and decided to have the Jadelle placed so I didn't have to remember to take the pill. Sadly, it was not for me. I spotted consistently for months and had to take the OCP (combined oral contraceptive pill) on top of my Jadelle in an attempt to 're-set' it. It didn't work so I had it removed but that's ok - it just wasn't right for me. I am now happily back on the pill. It just goes to show that everyone is different and what works for some does not for others.

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