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What is a vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a permanent method of birth control where the male partner undergoes a surgical procedure that makes a small cut in the tube that transports sperm from the testicles to the penis.

Vasectomies stop you from getting pregnant by working as a "roadblock" and stopping the release of sperm on ejaculation. 


It is one of THE BEST forms of birth control. The risk of pregnancy is less than 1 per 100 women. It is permanent - the male only needs to do it once!


How good?

One of the best methods of birth control 

>99% effective at preventing pregnancy with typical and perfect use 

How easy?

One time procedure

Side effects?

Possible risk of long term scrotal pain (low risk)

How hard to get?

See your GP for a referral, or self-refer to a service near you (can be done at Family Planning, Doctor's Clinic, or Hospital)!

How much?

Unfortunately not funded. Can range anywhere from $499


How does it work?

A vasectomy is where a male partner has a small surgical procedure where the tube (vas deferens) from the testicles to the penis are cut/tied/sealed off. This stops the release of sperm on ejaculation. 

  • Men still ejaculate following a vasectomy; the only difference is that they will release seminal fluid only (no sperm)

  • Sperm are still made by the testicles, but as there is a road block (vasectomy), it is absorbed by the body instead

It takes about 15 minutes and is done under local anaesthetic (you are awake). Some are done with a "no-scalpel" technique. 

Image by Edz Norton

how long does it last?

  • Permanent (forever Trevor)

why would it suit me? 

Vasectomy can be particularly helpful if:

  • You are sure your family is complete 

  • No hormones 

  • If you/your partner has a medical condition where they should not get pregnant 


  • Effective!

  • Permanent (great if your family is complete)

  • Safer than the female permament method of birth control

  • One time cost (lots of other birth control methods have ongoing costs)


  • Timing for vasectomy to be confirmed complete can be months

  • Short term risks

  • Infection, pain, bleeding/bruising​

  • Regret/guilt 

  • Does not protect against STIs

  • Small risk of long term scrotal pain

what next?

You will need to book an appointment with your GP or Family Planning to discuss vasectomy, or refer yourself to a local clinic. 

Once confirmed, you can proceed to have your vasectomy and follow-up by a trained professional. You will be encouraged to use alternate contraception until confirmation the vasectomy was successful.  

In the future...
luna health hope to provide a birth control service that assesses eligibility for each birth control method.

This will save you time and money
meaning you only need to physically see a doctor once

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help others decide what is best for them 

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