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Luna health

Empowering you with information, options and community.

Let's Kōrero about the birds and the bees

Luna is an expert in reproductive and sexual health.

From birth control to sex, Luna covers it all. 

We want to break down barriers and reduce the stigma around reproductive and sexual health, so you can feel empowered and access the best healthcare possible.


We aim to present good quality, relatable and reliable information to empower New Zealand wāhine, and couples, of all ethnicities to feel confident making decisions about their healthcare.

Happy to have you aboard!

Love from LUNA

With Luna Health, you can find answers, options and information about reproductive and sexual health.

With Luna Health, you will also find a supportive and inclusive community.

Image by Michael & Diane Weidner

Ki te kotahi te kākaho, ka whati;
ki te kāpuia, e kore e whati


If a reed stands alone, it can be broken; If it is in a group, it cannot.

Forest Trees

 Dr Hinemoa Elder's whakataukī also means that when we stand alone we are vulnerable, but together we are unbreakable.

When the topic is sex or birth control, you don't need to feel alone, vulnerable or confused. When you are part of Luna Health, you are part of a supportive and non-judgemental community. We are here to help you feel knowledgeable, safe and sexy!

So start scrolling! 

Birth control

Every couple, every woman, every body is different. 


Find out what contraceptive method will work best for you.

Image by Joel Bengs

OOps, too late

Positive pregnancy test...


Now what? 

Take a deep breath and let us walk you through all of your options. 

Let's talk sex

So, you're thinking about having sex, or you're already there, but still don't know what you're doing?


Check out our pages covering what sex is, common myths, ways to spice it up, and anything else you want to know.

Three Lolly Pops
Nail Art
Facing Back
Image by Joseph Pearson
Image by Lidya Nada
Image by Drew Dizzy Graham
Image by Rodion Kutsaev
Image by Ryoji Iwata

Ask luna

There are no silly questions, we promise!

Ask away

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